What could it be…


Some days I feel as if I’m cursed. The reason I say that is because I dreamed something and someone told me what the dram meant, and I think that shit came true. Here’s the Tee, So I dreamed my moms Chi Wawa dog found her teeth. Now my mom had a bridge in the top of her mouth. It happen to have fell out when she was walking her dog with high heels on.(don’t ask me why she had on high heels), but yeah she came in the house with her broken bridge, and her cherry covered knee looking Pissed. she ended up losing the broken bridge and getting a new one and getting a new one. I dreamed my mom dog found the broken bridge, and I woke up and told her about the dream, with the dog finding her teeth, she said ”Oh don’t say that” that means some one going to die. I said well I know it’s not going to be one of us cause we don’t do shit up here, All we do is stay in the house. My mom said “girl” and walked away. Life goes on two weeks later we living our best life. I told my mom I had to run to the store, She said ok. I left the house but instantly went back inside because I didn’t have my key. I ran pass my mom room on the way upstairs to my room and she was slumped over…. not responding… not concise…. not doing nothing cause she was dead… literally two mins I walked back in the house and my mom is dead… ain’t that a bitch. Outta all the dreams I’ve had and wanted to come true. This shit hit me hard ass fuck..

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