No the Fuck.. This Mothafucka tried me cause,

One thing I really really absolutely hate the most, and think it’s dumbest shit some one can ever do is call me and tell me your outside with my delivery! I’m Like okay love let me know when you get to the door, it’s delivery, bring me my food. You gotta come this way anyway!

That’s annoying asf why you called? I’m not going anywhere I’m fucking hungry that’s why I ordered the food in the first place.

I remember on a lovely day, I ordered my groceries online and a partner of the company shops and delivers it. Some smug face dick head excepted my order, did the shopping and started to bring my order. The shopper get to my house calls me and say hey, can you come get your bags, I’m not doing all that walking to find your apartment…… me yelling through the phone “are you kidding me bro” it’s delivery bring me my groceries son. If I was able to go and shop and do things like that on my own. You fucking crab you think I would have paid for delivery… the shopper then says, ok…and hangs up…. bitch nigga was real smooth with it.

So I reached out for support from whoever owns the app I used for deliver they spoke with the clown and found out his smug face son of a bitch…..took my order back to the store. I’m like wtf he was right outside and called me and asked me to come get my groceries. So the support contacted him and he still refused to bring my stuff I ordered, I told the shopper I refuse to let this go my order specifically says door delivery. Not corner, not street, not window! Front door so why he took my order if he wasn’t going to walk and bring it to the door! So the support agreed with me and gave me a 200$ credit the same amount my groceries was for. I was able to reorder my stuff Get my original 200$ back all because the driver was being a dick… so I wrote that all to say calling me when I’m ordering delivery is a NoNo

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