Head Ass..

One thing about me is I’m with the shits! Like I love to play around and mess with people, but it don’t like to play with my heart ❤️. Im not on that type of shit.

I say all this because I tried the Online dating thing. Just cause I’m single and ready to mingle! I started talking to a guy, he so so damn handsome. Down to earth. Understanding, and gave me compliments every time he talks to me. I was really liking him. We hung out a few times but not a real hang out. Just rode around and smoked a few blunts talked about everything. I liked it because we were getting to know each other. You can definitely tell he was hurt before and he wanted to make sure he liked the person before the next step and so was I. I sense that straight off the bay cause I’m the same way. We decided to become a couple. For about four weeks we talked everyday on FaceTime so there was no cat fishing. Four weeks into the relationship is when we decided ok let’s go out. Let’s have dinner and a movie. I agreed I was excited. I dressed up glued my wig extra tight cause I was getting some dick tonight.🍆

He pull up and I run outside like a little kid excited, hopped in the car and we pulled off. On the way to dinner we were talking and laughing. Having a awesome time. He finds parking and we hop out the car. Mind you this the first time I’m seeing him outside the car within our four week relationship.

Now on my profile, it says I like tall and dark and handsome guys. It sounds like a commercial but that’s what I want. We’re out the car heading into dinner and he’s short… and handy cap…. With a noticeable limp that takes him down even shorter. To explain it better his fucking hip rolls when he walk. I’m like WTF he didn’t even park in a handicap parking spot so maybe he playing. So I acted like I didn’t see him limping so he could stop playing but this basted limped all the way to fucking dinner table. He was handicap for real real.


I’m think to myself like why and the duck would be say that off the bat! Or why wouldn’t he put that in his bio or something like the little blue handicap emoji or some shit! I’m not saying yell it to me but damn when you devoured you wanted me to be your girlfriend . Within them four weeks you had time! you see my bio says i like tall dark and handsome. Your missing a few attributes.. I have no problem with handicapped people I have a few in my family.

I was very pissed, appalled even. And I tried not to show it. I got dressed up for nothing l, did the I’m getting some dick dance in my mirror and it’s not happening cause this little bitch played on my intelligence. I told him I had to use the rest boom. Called a Lyft and left. Blocked his number before i even got in the Lyft and zoomed the hell off. Now I’m not a mean person, I would have respected him more if he would have told me. Not telling me fuel my fire 🔥

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