For My Man

Would you do it

I’m always watching those for my man shows and I’m always the one saying I would never be that dumb for a man. I would never put my kids in jeopardy blah blah blah.

Sitting here rethinking my past relationships and I have done a few stupid things in my past younger life, or in “my prime”, that may have put my family and self In jeopardy. Bait as bad as those women on “For My Man” but I did do so stupid shit.

Let’s talk about ittt! In my last relationship with my baby father it was great I loved him to the moon and back. I was his young tenderoni. I was able to get anything I wanted from him cause he was a older and of course. Had kids from his past and so did it. He sold drugs of course! One of his baby mothers decided to put him on child support. She must have thought he was going to have to pay up, but he was a drug dealer he didn’t have a job. I don’t know how but some kind of way he was ordered to pay something and he was pissed the fuck off….

Now by him being the ass hole he was, He orders me to burst this women car windows. Me young, dumb and blinded by love plus scared of the ass whooping I would have probably received for refusing to do what he say. So I went along with the bull shit any way..?

I’m dumb to this shit, because I never had to do nothing like this before. He hands me a spark plug broken up in pieces.

Whole spark plug

I’m like what’s this? He quickly says shut the hell up and listen. Tap the windows of the car really soft three times. Then one hard time and it should break. I’m saying it’s going to be to loud. He says it’s not going to make a sound. I need you to burst the windshield and the driver side window. The most expensive windows to have repaired! I replied ok daddy. I’m going to drop you off by the house you creep up to the car burst the windows as planned then head back this way pointing behind us. I’m going to be parked right here.

I said ok daddy paying attention to every detail so I wouldn’t fuck it up.

We then drive to the location I hope out a few doors down, I can remember him saying “leave your shoes in the car” so I hoped out with the spark plug in my hand, walked very lightly to the car window tapped the windshield three times the one hard time and it shatters, into pieces without making a sound. The shit literally shattered with out a sound. Never seen that happen before I was shocked. I then felt a instant rush, and was ready to crack the driver window with the remaining pieces. I watched the driver window crack and shatter with out making a sound, and I halled ass down the street where daddy was waiting with the car crunk and ready to go.

He was proud of me and I was loving the praise. We went back to his house and he fucked the shit outta me. That’s how I knew he was proud of me and I loved every minute.

I was willing to go a step further! For my man!

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